RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA TEST PROCEDURE: Clean hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Place lancet against finger and trigger lancet to produce a small drop of blood. Touch tip of sampler to blood.

Blood will automatically flow up and into sampler tip. Place sampler into lower housing of the test device. While holding the lower housing from the side wings, push the sampler down and into the lower housing. As the sampler locks into the lower housing, you will hear a click. Simultaneously, blood and diluent will flow on to the test strip filter.

The mix of blood and diluent will migrate down the test strip until it reaches the test result area. Within 15 minutes, the lower control line will begin to appear. If only the lower control line appears, the test sample is negative. If a second line appears in the test area, the test sample is positive. If only the upper test line appears or if no line appears, the test is invalid, and a new test must be performed. Please dispose of all test components and materials in a safe manner.